The Ryan Lochte robbery over-exaggeration could still leave the swimmer in legal limbo.

FOX's Chris Hoenig reports:

Police in Rio de Janeiro say they will be summoning Ryan Lochte to Brazil to testify about what he called his over-exaggeration of what happened at a city gas station.

He will not be able to answer questions from the United States, and if he doesn't go to Brazil, he can't work out a plea deal and will be tried in absentia for lying to police.

After his fellow swimmers left the country late last week, Lochte spoke with Brazil's O-Globo and apologized:

(Lochte) "You guys didn't deserve that kind of publicity and it was my immaturity that caused that."

Police announcing Thursday that they are recommending charges against Lochte for lying in his police report.

Teammate Jimmy Feigen, who was also threatened with charges, paid almost $11,000 to a Brazilian charity to settle his case.

Chris Hoenig, FOX News.

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