Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe called into Kilmeade & Friends to discuss his viral Facebook post where he called out the media for impacting the election by labeling Donald Trump supporters as uneducated, white men. Rowe pointed out that back in 2008 and 2012 when President Obama was running for office, the media did not make a point of saying a segment of Obama voters were poorly educated blacks. Rowe explained that he feels the media and pollsters are responsible for dividing the country because they put every voter into a box based on race, age and education.

Plus, could Mike Rowe be headed to Fox News?

Listen here:

Mike Rowe on leaving CNN

(Kilmeade) When you get done with the CNN contract make sure you come back here to Fox.

(ROWE) Guess what Brian, that contract is done.

(Kilmeade) Get out of here

(ROWE) It's done. "Somebody's Got To Do It" season 4 is in the can and we are currently looking for a new place to air it. To be honest, CNN was great with me but as you noticed, there is an election and there are riots and there's disaster in the world and it's hard to find a steady home on a 24 hour news channel. I'll be around.