Kids across the country are back in school or about to be, which can be a rough transition. Fox's Lisa Brady reports.

FOX's Lisa Brady has this week's "FOX on Family":

It's not easy to go from sun and fun to that school routine, physically or mentally:

(Lozano) "The transition for kids from summer to back to school is probably one of the toughest, because if you go outside everything looks the same."

Behavior therapist Rusty Lozano says his kids had trouble falling asleep earlier the first night. It was easier the second night.

Another hard to break summer habit: that TV or video game binge. Lozano recommends considering daily or weekly limits, but he also says something to look forward to during the week, like a favorite show or activity can help the overall back-to-school transition:

(Lozano) "They're not having to wait five days to get to the weekend in order to kinda have some down time."

He also says check in with your kids often,

and watch for signs the school year may not be off to a good start

(Lozano) "Crying, irritability, lack of appetite and just overall mood."

So you can reach out for help if needed, without waiting for that first parent-teacher conference in the fall.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.

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