President Obama arrived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Tuesday following the damaging floods that ripped through the area.

Listen to FOX News Radio's coverage of the President speaking in Louisiana:

Did Trump trip force Obama to visit flood-ravaged Louisiana?

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President Obama paying a visit to Louisiana Tuesday where recovery from the state's historic flooding is just beginning.

FOX's Eben Brown reports from Baton Rouge:

There are many here hope that the President will remind the nation that just because the water's dried, their crisis isn't over:

(Woman) "This is worse than Sandy."

The President visited one of the nearly destroyed neighborhoods here in the Baton Rouge metro, where a 100,000 people have put in paperwork for emergency aid:

(President Obama) "As of today, federal support has reached $127 million, that's for help like temporary rental assistance, essential home repairs and flood insurance payments."

And the President asks Congress to act after they return from their summer break.

In Baton Rouge, Eben Brown, FOX News.

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