Genetic testing could help save your future child's life.

FOX's Alex Hein reports in this "Housecall for Health":

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The story of one family whose son was born with a rare genetic condition that would not have been detected until many years later is inspiring others to consider at-home genetic testing before starting a family of their own.

The child was born with extra pinky fingers, which is often dismissed as a superficial issue and can be addressed with plastic surgery. However, the child's mother researched other causes, and was wary about some of the disorders associated with the trait.

Through JScreen, she and her husband discovered they were carriers of a mutation for Bardet-Biedl syndrome, which affects many parts of the body and can cause cognitive issues. Patients are also at risk of renal and cardiac issues.

Their results presented an argument to have their son tested, despite not showing any other symptoms of the disease aside from extra fingers.

A diagnosis was confirmed and he's now currently receiving preventive treatment for BBS.

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