The boys in South Park breaking the fourth wall to make fun of Virtual Reality headset 'Oculus Rift' and the biggest European convention taking place in Germany with some big news.

FOX's Eammonn Dignam has the latest 'FOX Bits":

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Leave it to 'South Park'; Mocking comic book movies in their newest game:

(South Park) "We dedicate our lives to fighting crime for one reason to make a billion dollars on a superhero franchise."

And virtual reality tech in real life with the 'Nosulus Rift' that will pump unpleasant scents from the game into a user's nose.

Big announcements at Gamescom convention in Germany, Konami announcing a new sequel to the Metal Gear franchise called 'Metal Gear Survive'... This is the first 'Metal Gear' game without creator Hideo Kojima. The company and Kojima had a messy public fallout last year.

And new trailers are out for the anticipated "Battlefield One", a war game that drops the player into World War One...

As well as a new trailer for horror game 'Resident Evil Seven - Biohazard'...

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