Was Ryan Lochte robbed in Rio, along with three of his U.S. teammates? Brazilian authorities still don't have a definitive answer, it seems.

FOX's Chris Hoenig is covering the Olympics:

Ryan Lochte is not in Brazil right now, he's already come home, but, if he were, he wouldn't be able to leave.

A Brazilian judge ordering Lochte and teammate James Feigen's passports seized because of inconsistencies in their stories about being robbed early Sunday.

Police say the four U.S. swimmers claim they were drunk and couldn't ID the color or kind of taxi they were in or where they were robbed and so far, investigators haven't found evidence that backs up Lochte's version.

There were also reportedly differences in the number of thieves in the statements provided by Lochte and Feigen.

Lochte's father confirms the 32-year-old returned to the U.S. Tuesday, and was replacing the wallet stolen. Steve Lochte telling the AP he has no doubts the robbery really happened.

Covering the Olympics, Chris Hoenig, FOX News.

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