Two players in the largest known in-game universe tried to meet up and failed due to a technical glitch, while a beloved series gets an upgrade to the high definition.

FOX's Eammonn Dignam has the latest in "FOX Bits":

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'No Man's Sky' is apparently not so lonely, the game set in a nearly infinite universe makes it really difficult to meet another player.

Sean Murray, developer of the 'Hello Games' hit thought:

(Murray) "You could encounter other players, the reality is, the likelihood of that is tiny."

Two players did meet up, kind of. They synchronized their time and their locale and still couldn't see each other. Murray has hinted that server connection issues are the cause for this missed connection.

'Bioshock', 'Bioshock II' and 'Bioshock Infinite' are getting a re-release as 'Bioshock -The Collection' with upgrades to the visual clarity and how smoothly they run:

(Bioshock) "I'm here to ask you a question."

The series by 2-K games is known for it's Victorian aesthetic, fantastic machines, and plot twists:

(Bioshock II) "What am I... You're the girl that's getting out of this tower!"

if you own one of the older games, you may be able to get an upgrade for them for no extra charge.

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