A state fair favorite is heading for the home.

FOX's Lilian Woo reports: 

Deep Fried Twinkies could be as close as your freezer as Hostess brands making a first move into frozen food. The maker of Ho Hos and Snow Balls is collaborating with Wal-Mart to roll out the snack a lot of people associate with boardwalks or state fairs.

The cream filled snack in vanilla or chocolate is battered and partially fried before being frozen. It will need to be finished for a short time in the oven toaster oven or frying pan first.

A box of seven should set you back less than $5 and 220 calories apiece and Walmart will be the only place with them for the next three months.

Lilian Woo, FOX News.

(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

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