A Muslim teenager arrested after bringing a home-made alarm clock to his Dallas-area high school, accused of building a bomb, is now suing the school district. 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed and his family have since left the United States for Qatar on account of death threats received.

FOX's Eben Brown reports:

Police in Irving, Texas, eventually admitted, Ahmed Mohamed had only built a clock, out of his interest for electrical engineering. But Mohamed's family returned to the Mideast ever since the teen's arrest.

(Mohamed) "I get death threats. What did I ever do to someone to get death threats?"

Now the family is suing the school and its principal over civil rights violations. His attorney Susan Hutchinson says they dragged him out of class hours after he showed the clock to a teacher.

(Hutchinson) "And they refused to allow him to have his parents there, and they continued to interrogate him, and the principal told him he had to sign a statement or he would be expelled."

The Irving school system denies Mohamed's claims.

Eben Brown, FOX News.

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