Russian officials are calling the ban on their participation in Rio track and field unfair, but some sports figures say it's a good thing.

FOX's Simon Owen has more from London:

President Putin's spokesman expressing deep regret after the Court of Arbitration for Sport upheld a ban on Russian track-and-field athletes.

This following claims of widespread doping. The Russian sports minister saying the ban violates the rights of clean athletes, that today's competitors are being punished for their predecessors' wrongdoings.

But Jamaican Olympic champion Usain Bolt welcoming the verdict:

(Bolt) "It's a good message to show that, 'listen, if you cheat or you go against the rules then we're going to take serious action.'"

In the coming days Russia could still face a blanket ban from all sports in Rio.

In London, Simon Owen, FOX News.

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