Just how important are doctors and trainers? Well, they're tasked with keeping players on the field as much as possible, no matter what it takes. Just look at baseball the past few days.

FOX's Chris Hoenig reports:

Tuesday night, Dodgers pitcher Scott Kazmir cramped up fielding a ground ball in the fifth inning. The trainer's solution: An electrolyte drink, mixed with pickle juice and some spicy mustard. It worked, Kazmir gave up just on run on four hits, pitching seven full innings.

Cubs pitcher Jason Hammel has a chronic problem with cramping and dehydration. He told reporters this weekend about his over-the-counter prescription from the team's medical staff:

(Hammel) "Potato chips, my prescription is potato chips because they've got a lot of potassium and obviously the sea salt helps retain water."

Hammel getting a gift from Pennsylvania chip-maker Utz, a six-foot high stack of boxes filled with chips. Hammel's chip of choice: Sea salt and vinegar.

Chris Hoenig, FOX News.

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