An off duty Texas fire chief had his neck slashed by a crazed employee at a Walmart store, but ignores his own injures to provide first aid to another stabbing victim.

FOX's Tom Rigatti reports:

Princeton, Texas cops saying Mckinney, Texas Fire Battalion Chief George Cook is nothing short of a hero. Bleeding from the neck, he puts pressure on his own wound, gives first aid to the other stabbing victim, and directs fellow Walmart shoppers away from the danger.

( Jerry Varner) He was probably centimeters or millimeters from death. 

That's Assistant Princeton Police Chief Jerry Varner, one of the officers who rushed to the scene. Both Cook and the other victim were flown to Plano Hospital where they are expected to recover,

Police have arrested a suspect who they say was wanted for going on a stabbing spree in another store.

Tom Rigatti, FOX News