Two more lawmen are gunned down.

FOX's Kerin McCue reports:

An inmate was being escorted through a St. Joseph, Michigan courthouse, Monday afternoon around 2. But then he fought with the two officers accompanying him and grabbed one of their guns.

( Sheriff Bailey) he was trying to escape and that's when he fatally wounded the two bailiffs.

Berrien County Sheriff, L. Paul Bailey. Killed were veteran officers Joe Zangaro, 61 and Ron Kinzel, 63. The suspect, 45 year old Larry Darnell Gordon then grabbed some hostages as additional officers responded.

(Man) he tried to leave through another door and that's when the other two bailiffs confronted him, and that's when he was shot and killed. 

One deputy, James Atterbury was wounded in the arm. An unidentified woman was also injured.

Kerin Mccue, FOX news.