A group of young girls is raising money for the families of the five fallen police officers in Dallas.

FOX's Pam Puso explains.

Giving back one cup at a time.

(Girl) It just makes me feel really good that people appreciate what we're doing.

That little girl and some friends spent the weekend pouring lemonade. The profits going to the families of the fallen Dallas police officers.

(Man) My wife spotted the lemonade stand, we decided to turn around and stop to support our boys in blue.

Blake Holman's wife says it's heartbreaking.

(Blake Holman's wife) Police are being, you know, attacked and shot in the back and things like that.

Each cup costs 50 cents, but most customers paid more.

(Man) Good job, girls.

(Girls) Thank you!

Pam Puso, FOX News