What's a go-bag? And does your family have one? The Red Cross and FEMA say you should.

FOX's Lisa Brady reports:

It's hurricane season, but that's not the only reason for your family to have a go-bag:

(Judge) "We've had just unbelievable flooding, tornadoes, the wild fires are incredible. You know, and we always want to think that it's never going to happen to us, but yet it could."

Jim Judge with the Red Cross says water tops the disaster kit list, at least a gallon per person per day. Foods like peanut butter, canned goods, protein bars and crackers:

(Judge) "Non-perishable, easy to prepare. Don't forget that manual can opener."

Don't forget pet items and things the kids will want or need, including diapers and formula. You can also customize a first aid kit for your family, maybe adding specific medications.

To stay informed:

(Judge) "Have that battery operated radio and they also have those hand crank radios that also work very well."

...But store the batteries separately, so they won't leak. For the actual bag, Judge likes an old suitcase on wheels, stocked up and ready to go, but they use the pillowcase project in schools to help kids learn disaster prep.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.

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Preparing ahead of time means you can also add important papers, some comfort items, books and games. There are checklists to help at redcross.org, and a variety of kits and supplies at redcrossstore.org. Homeland Security also offers tips at ready.gov/build-a-kit. Jim Judge is also the Emergency Management Director for Volusia County, Florida.