It's July 4th, America's birthday. A day of celebration, fireworks, remembrance, and cookouts.

Why are you a #ProudAmerican ?

America's talking to FOX News:  

As we celebrate Independence Day, why are you a proud American?:

(Man) "Just the overall understanding of individuality and having that freedom to be an individual." 

(Woman) "That we get to vote and freedom to go pretty much anywhere we want."

(Woman) "My grandparents came here from Cuba and I'm really proud of all the opportunities that America gave our family."

(Woman) "It has its flaws, it has its faults. But still it's on the top ten list, there may be others that are catching up. I like the idea of Australia, I like the idea of New Zealand, but this is either the best or it's on the top three or four list."

(Man) "Cause as an American we have an opportunity to become successful or do whatever we want to do."

(Woman) "Just freedom of expression, being able to live the life you feel most comfortable in and the skin you're most comfortable in."

(Woman) "Good place, good people, we still have good souls."

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