So you think you are ready to move in with your significant other? That's a big step in any relationship and there are some tips that might be helpful.

FOX's Ashley Papa has "FOX on Love":

Moving in together is a huge step for couples. Whether you're moving into their place or both going into a new place, the process can be stressful.

Chakira Powers of Roadway Moving, says it's important for couples to compromise:

(Powers) "Of course you want to consolidate if you're moving from two separate apartments into one. You want to make sure that you decide what you're going to keep, some people of course would like to place things in storage for a while until maybe they can go through things to eliminate things they feel are not necessary or you may have double of."

Powers says you and your sweetie should decorate together, and decide who will be taking care of what when it comes to the moving and the bills:

(Powers) "We definitely suggest getting your delivery eta and trying to wait until your items are there before scheduling things such as cable, so for new couples, you definitely want to make sure that you know who's going to pay for what, who's going to be responsible for which type of bill in your home."

So who cleans the toilet? Living together will change both your routines, so discuss chores beforehand.

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.

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