Suicide by Job

    A new study looks at suicide rates based on occupation.

    FOX’s Lisa Lacerra reports:

    Researchers with the Centers for Disease Control finding the highest suicide rates in those who do manual labor, who work alone, and face unsteady employment.  Like farm workers,  fishermen and lumberjacks.

    High rates of suicide also seen in carpenters, miners, electricians and construction workers.

    Dentists, doctors and other health care workers with an 80 percent “lower” suicide rate than the manual laborers. The lowest rate: teachers, educators, and librarians.

    The report is perhaps the largest U.S. study to compare suicide rates among occupations, but it only covers 17 states looking at about 12,300 of more than 40,000 suicides reported in the entire nation in 2012.

    Suicide is the nation’s 10th leading cause of death.

    Lisa Lacerra, FOX News.