A group of children in Oklahoma are safe after being stuck on a roller-coaster in the spot right before the first big drop.

FOX's Eben Brown reports:

Eight people, seven of them kids younger than 16, were stuck inside the Silver Bullet Roller Coaster at Oklahoma City's Frontier City Theme Park for more than 90 minutes. And it was hot:

(Fulkerson) we just kept them comfortable, kept them hydrated while they were up there.

Oklahoma fire's Benny Fulkerson says the coaster train went up the big hill just fine:

(Fulkerson) it functioned the way it was supposed to. For some reason it just didn't quite make it over the hill before the clicking stopped.

Rescue crews were able to get each person out, and help them walk down a catwalk. They were stuck eight stories high.

Eben Brown, FOX News.

FOX's Eben Brown on Twitter: @FoxEbenBrown