Pope Francis says those marginalized from the Church, such as gays, the poor and exploited deserve an apology. The head of the Catholic church made the comments on the flight home from his three day trip to Armenia where he showed support for the impoverished Christian country of three million.

FOX's Courtney Walsh with more from Rome:

On the flight home from Armenia late Sunday. The Pope was asked if the Church owed an apology to homosexuals. 

The 79-year-old said that not only gays deserved an apology, but also all those the Church has marginalized, such as the poor and exploited women and children forced into labor.

He added that the politicized behavior of the the gay community at times was "extreme", but that "if he has good will and is looking for God, who are we to judge?"

The Pope also defended his use of the word genocide during his three day trip to impoverished Armenia as he spoke of the mass killing of one and half million Christians by Turks a century ago. He said the world should never forget.

In Rome, Courtney Walsh, FOX News.