Your wedding day is one of the most special moments in your life, but how do you deal with all the celebration without your dad?

FOX's Ashley Papa has a special Wedding edition of "FOX on Love":

Weddings are about celebrating love with family and friends, but for brides without a father in their life, this special day can rekindle strong emotions.

Dr. Karin Luise and Denna Babul, authors of "The Fatherless Daughter Project" say while weddings can be the hardest time for women without a father, it's important for brides to focus on the joy surrounding their wedding day:

(Babul) "Stake claim to the wedding day and get the emotions out through your celebrating. It's going to be emotional, you're going to feel separation and you're going to feel feelings you haven't felt in a long time."

From your dog, to your best friend, Luise says deciding who will walk you down the aisle gives you a chance to break from tradition:

(Luise) "Whoever you pick that day, it could be one of your best girlfriends, people that love you are going to celebrate that and it's going to be an empowering and loving moment for you as you're expressing something about this new chapter in your life."

Luise and Babul urge women in this situation to make sure they're communicating their emotions the entire time.

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.

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