A man accused of shooting and killing a deputy outside New Orleans will be held in jail until trial.  The 19-year-old suspect is accused of gunning down the officer in the middle of a "stop-and-frisk" moment.

FOX's Eben Brown reports:

Jefferson Parrish, Louisiana, Sheriff Newell Normand says the killing of his deputy was:

(Normand) "A cold-blooded murder."

Deputy David Michel was a responding to a call that a man was being followed by a person later identified as 19-year-old Jerman Neveaux. While the officer was searching him, Neveaux is accused of taking out a gun and shooting the deputy not just once:

(Normand) "But as he was going down, Neveaux was going down with the gun and fired two more shots into his back."

Part of the incident was recorded on video.

Eben Brown, FOX News.

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