'Nashville' packing up and heading home and we reap the benefits. We are getting more of Kip Moore and Keith Urban's touching tribute to Orlando.

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To celebrate 'Nashville's' big move from ABC to CMT, VIP fan auctions will be putting items up from the first four seasons of the fan fav country music drama beginning this week.

The auction will feature 270 items and each week, new items will be added, including a wedding dress worn by Connie Britton's Rayna James, they'll remain on the site for seven days. Fans can bid on items through July 26.

He's headlining now, Kip Moore kicks off a brand new tour 'Me and My Kind' launching September 30 with guest Jon Pardi.

Keith Urban closed out his 'Ripcord' Tampa show this past weekend with a touching tribute to to the victims of last weekend's mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub playing U2's 'One' noting that he didn't know anyone that died, but he did:

(Urban) "They're just guys and girls brothers sisters, they have dreams and hopes."

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Watch Keith Urban pay tribute to the victims of the Orlando Massacre

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