The man seen on video being stomped in the head by a Chicago police officer during an arrest on Monday has been released and won't face charges.

FOX's Jeff Monosso reports:

The man seen on video being kicked in the head by a Chicago police officer Monday won't face charges after video surfaced with the officer on desk duty as the city investigates:

(O'Neal) "I'm recently on parole, so I really caught a blessing." 

(O'Neal Family) "He's free. But the police will pay for what they did."

23-year-old Shaquille O'Neal filing a federal civil rights law suit against Chicago, though police say O'Neal had three bags of heroin on him and in the video the arresting officer tells O'Neal not to bite him. Police say he was bitten.

The video also shows O'Neal grabbing hold of the officer's neck before the other officer kicked him.

In Chicago, Jeff Monosso, FOX News

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