There may be a new form of therapy for patients with multiple sclerosis.

FOX's Alex Hein reports:

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Researchers now suggest that a new form of therapy for multiple sclerosis that involves destroying the patients immune system and regenerating a new one using stem cells taken from their bone marrow can 'halt' the progression and even reverse symptoms of the autoimmune disease.

The news comes after a 13-year trial, involving 24 people with a highly active relapsing form of multiple sclerosis and saw 70 percent of the patients report a complete halt in the progression. In 40 percent of the MS patients, symptoms were reversed for a period of time.

However, researchers noted a danger of the therapy is the threat of infection for patients while they are unprotected by an immune system. It's also thought that the therapy will only help a certain type of patient in early stages of MS. The study was published the Lancet Journal and reported on by Sky News. For more on this story check

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