Can having different political views be a good or bad thing in a relationship? One psychologist says it can work, but it is key to find middle ground.

FOX's Ashley Love has this week's "FOX on Love":

In today's polarized environment, it seems impossible for two opposites to attract and live harmoniously, even a study from the University of Kansas says the phrase "opposites attract" only applies to magnets.

Psychologist Dr. Cooper Lawrence, says couples with differing viewpoints may face more challenges: 

(Dr. Cooper) "There was a time that if I was a liberal and my boyfriend were a conservative, we weren't so far apart, there was some middle ground. Now those two ideas are so polar opposites that it's really hard to find anything that we would agree upon."

Cooper says, with opposing views, it's about finding middle ground:

(Dr. Cooper) "If you come at these things from different perspectives, you're going to find more harmony in that middle ground. Like if one person is coming from the right and the other person is coming from the left, the middle ground that they find is usually where the harmony is."

Opposites can be more exciting, but what it comes down to is "love". 

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.

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