Following the killing of a popular 17-year-old gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo last month, which caused mixed emotions among many around the United States, the gorilla exhibit is once again open to the public.

FOX's Jeff Monosso has details:

There are two family groups of gorilla's at the Cincinnati Zoo. One that's now smaller since the killing of Harambe to protect a little boy late last month who fell into the gorilla exhibit.

That's now reopened with a taller barrier to prevent incidents like this from ever happening again:

(Maynard) "This zoo is really committed to the work that we do with the public, and conservation education and playing a role in the families lives in this area."

Zoo director Thane Maynard... Prosecutors also not charging the boy's mother for neglect, saying that three-year-old's sometimes wander off.

Jeff Monosso, FOX News.

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