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20th Century FOX.”

Viewers get a close encounter with this nearly five minute look into the highly anticipated upcoming flick, chock full of fan favorite gimmicks from the first movie, including one-liners from Jeff Goldblum and a peek at Bill Pullman being used as a translator for an alien’s telepathy. It looks to be an action-packed, extraterrestrial experience. The movie invades theaters June 24th.

Another trending trailer roaring through the Internet…

“Beauty and the Beast Official US Teaser Trailer.”

The tale as old as time is getting a live action make-over. This clip shows snippets of a cursed castle, full of candelabras, mystery and…. A glimpse of Emma Watson’s Belle staring mystified at an enchanted rose. The movie hits theaters March 17th, 2017.

And, learning gets a cool twist in this next clip…

“Sesame Street: Check That Shape (with Nick Jonas).”

Singer Nick Jonas gets soulful on Sesame Street, crooning a smooth ditty about shapes with a crew of smartly dressed back up dancers, including Cookie Monster, Count von Count and Bert.

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