The unofficial start of summer means a family road trip might be right around the corner.

Some road trip tips in this week's "FOX on Family":

If you're ready to hit the road with the kids with summer, you have a choice: Get their faster by driving all night while the kids are sleeping or savor the journey:

(Schweikert) "That unscheduled roadside stop to check out tacky souvenirs should be one of the highlights of your vacation."

Lightbridge Academy President Gigi Schweikert says add two hours to your planned drive-time and get out of the car as often as you can:

(Schweikert) "Pack bubbles, small balls, a frisbee to play with, find a park, let them run around."

In the car: Coloring books, crossword puzzles or new dollar store items as alternatives to devices and one comfort item per person like a favorite pillow.

She also says toilet paper can really come in handy along with an extra shirt for everyone and don't bury it:

(Schweikert) "The thing that you want is always at the bottom, and you have to unpack the entire car, so it'd be easier just to have kind of that one little bag of everybody's extra."

Schweikert says above all, enjoy the time together, but expect some challenges and pack your patience.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.

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