Stay-at-home moms who are thinking of re-entering the work force have a powerful weapon at their fingertips. It's called... the Internet.

Cheryl Casone with the FOX Business Network continues her series "The Comeback":

"The Comeback" jobs for today's moms, I'm Cheryl Casone.

You may think of social media as an activity that is just for fun, but it's a network for moms looking to go back to work.

Nina Clark, mother of two, discovered that social media helped her stay connected:

(Clark) "You know I'm home with the kids changing diapers, breast feeding, I'm in this bizarre world."

Social media started as a break: 

(Clark) "I mean it really was a lifeline, I could connect with all of my old colleagues."

She quickly found it was more than social, it was networking: 

(Clark) "I felt like I was still apart of something that I didn't have at home."

Using social media to stay in the game led her to a home-based PR business: 

(Clark) "I think it's staying in touch, if you do like people's post, comment on them, stay engaged with them. Comment on their stuff so they see your name, I think it's the name recognition."

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I'm Cheryl Casone, FOX News.

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