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"Ice Age: Collision Course | Official Trailer 3 | 20th Century FOX."

Scrat gets spacey in his elusive quest for an acorn, inadvertently causing cataclysmic events that threaten the Ice Age. This glimpse for the upcoming movie shows Sid, Manny and the rest of the crew teaming up to find safety and some new age answers. The movie hits theaters July 22nd.

Speaking of movies...

"X-Men: Apocalypse | James McAvoy Becomes Charles | 20th Century FOX."

This clip shows actor James McAvoy shaving his locks for his role as a young Professor X in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse movie, while actor Patrick Stewart watches by phone. X-Men: Apocalypse storms into theaters May 27th.

And, gamers are gearing up for the ultimate mash-up...

"Super Mario Mash-Up Pack for Minecraft - Wii U Edition."

This clip posted by Nintendo on YouTube shows Super Mario elements being mixed into the popular sandbox game Minecraft. The Super Mario items will become available for the Wii U version of Minecraft starting May 17th.

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