When is it the right time to introduce Mom to the person in your new relationship?

FOX's Ashley Papa has "FOX on Love":

It can be one of the most awkward times in a new relationship: bringing your new love home for the first time to meet your mother.

Parenting expert and CEO of DivaMoms.com, Lyss Stern, says worry less about the "right time" to do it and more about the significance of the relationship:

(Stern) "I would highly recommend to kids before they bring anybody home to meet their parents that they know that this could be somebody that they are thinking about and are having a relationship with. A real relationship."

Stern also advises people to tell their parents about the new relationship:

(Stern) "It's important for the girl and boy to have a conversation with their parents to let them know they are dating someone seriously and that they'd like to bring them home to meet mom and dad and not just spring it upon them and be like, 'hey I'm here', one day and 'this is my significant other and I forgot to tell you about her or him'."

Don't bring someone home you just met the night before. Parents care about the committed relationships, not the "flash in the pan" ones. 

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa. 

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