Kool and the Gang are celebrating again as they are inducted into the New Jersey Music Hall of Fame.

FOX's Laura Ingle reports:

Taking you deep inside the music...

(Kool and the Gang) "Celebrate good times come on."

Music icons Kool and the Gang had reason to celebrate this month as the band picked up yet another award in their long lasting musical career. The band which hails from New Jersey, was honored by their home state by being inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame:

(Kool and the Gang) "What does this mean to you both personally? It means we must have done something right."

The band has done a lot of things right, including 70 million albums.

(Kool and the Gang) "Jungle boogie."

Naughty by Nature, which inducted the band, shared a fun fact that Kool and the Gang are the most sampled band in hip hop:

(Naughty by Nature) "Groups like Cypress Hill sampled Kool and the Gang, Madonna, Puff Daddy, Janet Jackson, and many many more."

Kool and the Gang reps confirmed their music has been sampled in over 1,200 songs through the years and they are cool with that.

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Kool and the Gang inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame

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