Torrential rain has poured on Houston. Some areas of the city are under water and that includes roads, which has been dangerous for some drivers.

FOX's Dave Anthony reports:

It was a deluge dumped on Houston, Texas, well over a foot of rain in 24 hours. Neighborhoods were flooded Monday morning and so were many roads. Some drivers chanced it and got in trouble:

(Campion) "Dude you got to get out of the car."

That man's car was floating away:

(Campion) "Got to get out. (Man) What should I do? (Campion) Swim. (Man) What? (Campion) Swim."

KTRK TV reporter Steve Campion...

Then waded out to help the swimming driver, who seemed shocked and confused...

And then back on land the man said:

(Man) "I'm okay. (Campion) You're okay? (Man) Yeah, I'm okay. (Campion) Did you just not think the water was that deep? (Man) Yeah I didn't think the water was that deep. My car is under. (Campion) You gotta leave the car."

It sank completely underwater.

Dave Anthony, FOX News.