A U.S. based cruise line that once touted it's newfound ability to sail to Cuba in light of resumed diplomacy between the cold war enemies, is now saying it would hold off if the Cuban government doesn't relax it's rules about who can sail to the island.

FOX's Eben Brown reports from Miami:

Carnival says it will delay it's first voyage of a special cruise line between the United States and Cuba if the Castro regime continues to disallow Cuban-born Americans from sailing with them.

Existing law on the island prohibits anybody born in Cuba and who left the island from making a return trip by sea, even if just visiting. The cruise line had been enduring regular protests by Cuban-Americans outside it's Miami headquarters building, as it was refusing to sell tickets to Cuban-Americans due to the Cuban law.

The first ship is supposed to sail on the first of May.

In Miami, Eben Brown, FOX News.