Kids today! Actually, it's not just kids glued to their devices. But not everything thinks that's a such a bad thing.

FOX's Lisa Brady has "FOX on Family":

With all the smartphones, social media and texting, does anybody really talk to anyone anymore?

(Vasisht) "I think what we're doing, is we're actually having more overall interaction because now we are able to communicate with people on the go, when typically we would have not had a conversation with somebody."

Sam Vasisht is CMO of voice activation platform Mindmeld. So he's bullish on technology, but he says communicating more electronically doesn't necessarily mean less personal interaction and now it's easier to keep in touch with more people:

(Vasisht) "I am now in touch with about 50 people from my mothers family's side."

They formed a what's app group:

(Vasisht) "So we have these modalities where we can create large groups and communicate and all. Based on communicating on our convenience so it's not taking away from other things that we might be doing with our time."

And Vasisht says technology can save us time doing things more efficiently. He admits it can be over-used and abused:

(Vasisht) "There have to be limits for everything."

Which for parents means ground rules, like how long and how often kids are on devices or no texting at the dinner table.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.