Stephen Hawking and Others on Board with Sending Space Drones to Alpha Centauri System

    Physicists are signing on to help answer the age old space question: “is there anyone else out there?”

    FOX’s Gurnal Scott has more:

    Stephen Hawking is adding his knowledge to the goal of assessing the chances of fanning out a swarm of tiny spacecraft beyond the Milky Way to the Alpha Centauri system hoping to see if we are indeed alone in the universe. The project is estimated at $100 million. 

    Hawking says just in our galaxy there are planets that can sustain life:

    (Hawking) ”And there are at least a hundred billion galaxies in the visible universe.” 

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is also on board with the project. The small space drones would take at least two decades to reach their destination.

    Gurnal Scott, FOX News.