We're learning more about the latest deadly crash involving defective airbags, the 11th one linked to Takata.

FOX's Dave Anthony reports:

17-year-old Huma Hanif was driving a Honda Civic last week outside Houston when she ran into the car in front of her:

(Nehls) "The airbag inflator ruptured."

And Fort Bend County Texas sheriff Troy Nehls says that made the crash deadly:

(Nehls) "A piece of the metal fragment was found lodged in her neck."

Hanif's brother says:

(Brother) "I wish we had received a notice from Honda so we could have avoided that tragedy."

Honda says that 2002 Civic the family bought used had been recalled multiple times the past five years and was never brought in for repair.

Sheriff Nehls urges anyone who gets a Takata airbag recall notice to go get it fixed.

Dave Anthony, FOX News.