A Minnesota boy is in trouble for taking a truck out on a joyride.

FOX's Dave Anthony reports:

He was the talk of Dodge Center:

(Man) "Everybody was out with their cameras, it looked like a parade."

Watching an 11-year-old boy ride around in a stolen cement truck:

(Man) "Smiling, hooting, and hollering, he was having a good time."

But it was a challenge for Dodge County Minnesota Sheriff Scott Rose:

(Rose) "Certainly not your normal traffic stop, not your normal chase."

Especially since the boy drove the cement truck 70 miles an hour on a highway:

(Rose) "We had the state patrol helicopter follow the vehicle, so we could safely follow the vehicle until it actually stopped."

The chase lasted an hour, finally stopping at a dead end with two squad cars damaged in the process.

The boy was taken to juvenile detention:

(Man) "I talked to his dad, he wasn't very happy."

Dave Anthony, FOX News.