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President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro held a joint news conference in Havana to discuss a number of topics.

FOX's Jon Decker reports from Havana:

Addressing reporters after a 90 minute meeting at the Palace of the Revolution, President Obama said that he and Cuban President Raoul Castro agreed to disagree over the issue of human rights and the lack of political reform for the Cuban people:

(President Obama) "America believes in democracy. We believe that freedom of speech, assembly, and freedom of religion aren't just American values, but are universal values."

President Castro blasted the U.S. embargo against Cuba and said that relations will not be fully normalized until the U.S. gives up the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Traveling with the President in Havana, Jon Decker, FOX News.

(AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa)
(AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa)

Listen to FOX News Radio's coverage of their meeting here: