A brawl at the mall involving the Easter Bunny.

FOX's Pat O'Neill has the details:

The question is, did he throw any rabbit punches? A mall Easter Bunny and a father got into a scuffle over the weekend in Jersey City, New Jersey.

It happened after the man's one-year old child slipped from a chair while getting her photo taken with the bunny.

The chaotic scene caught by Twitter user Kevin P 461:

(Spectator) "Oh it's the Easter Bunny... Oh the Easter Bunny throwing hands."

A mall spokesperson says the father attacked the 22-year-old dressed as the bunny. They were separated at first by security, but the man in the costume tossed off his bunny gloves and the fur really started to fly.

Both men were treated for minor injuries. No charges have been filed as police investigate.

Pat O'Neill, FOX News.