40 Millionaires in New York Write to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Tell Him to Tax Them More

    (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

    A group of Millionaires in New York  proposes a surprising idea.

    FOX’s Carmen Roberts has the story:

    More than 40 millionaires in New York say go ahead and take more of our money. The group’s written to Governor Andrew Cuomo and top law makers urging them to raise taxes on the state’s wealthiest residents, the one-percenters.

    The letter says, “We can well afford to pay our current taxes and we can afford to pay even more.” They say the state needs more money for child poverty, homelessness and the state’s aging infrastructure.

    So who are these rich people? They include Abigail Disney, Leo Hindery and Steven C. Rockefeller. The idea faces considerable opposition in the State House, where the GOP controlled Senate is against raising taxes.

    Carmen Roberts, FOX News.