Senator Marco Rubio called into Kilmeade & Friends to address the CNN story that his advisors are telling him to drop out before the Florida Primary. Rubio calls the report false saying there is no other way to describe the story other than CNN flat out made it up. Rubio also commented on Ted Cruz’s campaign’s tactics saying it looks like the Cruz campaign is putting out emails to dissuade voters from voting for him the same way they did with Ben Carson.

Rubio also talked about the importance of Florida to his campaign and how Trump may be unstoppable if he wins Florida and if he has had any conversations seeking Jeb Bush’s support.

Listen here:

Rubio on the CNN story his advosors want him to drop out of the race.

RUBIO: It is just false. They just made it up. There is no other way to describe it other than the fact that they made it up. And in fact they have now gone back and said they have one source, not in the campaign, but someone who knows someone who knows someone. I mean, it is just crazy the things people make up these days. It’s not new. You see some other campaigns pushing that stuff but it is just patently false.

RUBIO: I think it has been proven as false. Not a single person has come out and said, ‘No this is true. This is me who they were talking about.’ I mean it is just false.

GOV MIKE HUCKABEE FROM KNF EARLIER IN THE SHOW: If a news organization is going to make that allegation they need to name their sources…

RUBIO: That’s right. It’s what happens, unfortunately. Here’s what happens with a lot of these reporters, they are all dying to break a story and so they guess and if they are right, you know, they will be heroes and if not, there is no accountability they just move on. They are all like, we had one source and that is enough. The point is, it ain’t true. It is a lie. It looks like Ted Cruz’s campaign is putting out emails in places like Hawaii, telling people about it and you saw that with Ben Carson earlier. It’s just not true. Right now nobody has a clear path to the 1237 delegates.

KILMEADE: I did not know there was a Ben Carson-style rumor taken as fact to try to dissuade those in a caucus.

RUBIO: Yea, and they don’t start voting until 11 PM Eastern. Look, we put that out. There is an email from the Cruz campaign spreading that around. It has happened before. It is unfortunate and the kind of thing they have done throughout the campaign. It is just not right but it happens. We cleared it up and we moved on. It has no impact on our campaign at the end of the day.

On Donald Trump…

RUBIO: You are starting to see all the problems in his background. The democrats are going to shred him. They are going to eat him alive. If you nominate Donald Trump, not only will you divide the republican party we are going to lose badly to Hillary Clinton.

Rubio on if the strategy is to get to the convention and keep Trump from the needed 1237 delegates for the nomination

RUBIO: I don’t think anybody is on pace to get to 1237, including Donald Trump. He would have to win half the remaining delegates and he is not on pace to do that. Most of the states remaining are not winner take all, they are proportional. So even if he wins, he is not taking all the delegates tonight, neither is Ted Cruz. No one tonight is going to walk away (with all the delegates). Florida is a big deal, 99 delegates, one big chunk, I think if Donald Trump wins Florida, then it starts looking like, maybe you can’t stop him.

Rubio on if he has sought out Jeb Bush for his endorsement

RUBIO: I don’t every discuss private conversations with friends or anyone else. Suffice to say Governor Bush is someone I respect very much, I would love to have his support but I am not going to discuss any private conversations or anything like that.

KILMEADE: It has taken place?

RUBIO: I called him after the election but beyond that, I just don’t want to talk about the content of conversations or how many times they happen, its just not a good practice and I am not going to do it.