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It's been seven years since Bernie Madoff plead guilty to the $65 Billion Ponzi scheme that destroyed his family and the lives of roughly 20,000 investors.  Now Madoff's lawyer Ike Sorkin shares his candid thoughts on the Madoff tragedy and new threats that rival Madoff and could hit Wall Street as well as main street investors next.  Sorkin's prestigious legal career includes work as a federal prosecutor and Director of the Securities and Exchange Commission's New York office where he prosecuted mobsters and crooks.  But it is his work as a criminal defense attorney representing "the despised, down trodden  and vilified" for which Sorkin is best known and not always liked. He stopped counting the death threats long ago.  He's represented the "Yuppie Five", the Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort, and Bernie Madoff to name a few.  Sorkin says Wall Street has an attitude problem and investors need to be careful in this frank and open discussion on TALKENOMICS.