Two Unlikely Heroes Save a Mail Carrier Who is Being Attacked by Dogs

    Dog may be man’s best friend. But in Longmont, Colorado, a 75 and an 84 year old man are a mail carrier’s best friends.

    FOX’s Tom Rigatti reports:

    When a Longmont, Colorado, mail carrier was attacked by three dogs, it was an unlikely pair who jumped into action. Fighting the dogs off the injured mailman.

    Jim Peeples, who is 75, and Earl Tifford, who is 84 ran to his assistance beating the dogs off. Both were slightly hurt, both shrugging off suggestions they are ”doggone” heroes:

    (Peeples & Tifford) “I don’t want to be a hero, I just did what anybody else would have.”

    The owner, who was cited by police, is apologizing. The postal service says it’s going to honor the two senior rescuers.

    Tom Rigatti, FOX News.