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Call it "coffee pot". Marijuana lovers can now add coffee do the growing list of foods and drinks available as products infused with pot.

Several companies have jumped on the trend, but what happens when you combine two psychoactive substances like marijuana and caffeine?

Well, the effects of combining these two substances have not been heavily researched, and at least one expert says using two drugs in combination can always potentially cause a problem.

There is evidence from animal studies that suggest the two would mix neurochemically, meaning they would have different effects when used together then when you'd use them each alone.

It appears the combination of caffeine and THC may worsen a persons working memory. That's counter-intuitive as other research suggests that caffeine may contain cognitive enhancing properties.

There's also an issue of taking a stimulant and a depressant at the same time. Doing so could make the user feel wired and tired.

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