A weight loss operation can help people live longer.

FOX's Alex Hein has more:

A study out of Brigham Young University suggests obese people who undergo a certain kind of weight loss operation after age 35 may live longer than obese people of the same age who don't have the surgery.

The study reports that the gastric bypass operation is associated with a mortality benefit along with its better-known metabolic benefits. The data collected showed patients ages 35 to 44 were 46% less likely to die from any cause over the next seven years than those who didn't undergo surgery.

In this procedure, surgeons reduce the size of the stomach and reconstruct the gastrointestinal tract so that food will bypass part of the intestines as its being digested.

Others say the study results should be interpreted with caution, as bariatric surgeons exclude high risk patients from surgery so the obese people who had the surgery were a relatively healthy group to start with.

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Housecall for Health, I'm Alex Hein, FOX News.