With Valentine's Day approaching, many people are thinking about flower arraignments.

FOX's Ashley Papa has more:

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, which means wives and girlfriends will be expecting a beautiful floral arrangement...

While nothing says romance like red roses, owner and lead designer of B Floral Bronwen Smith says there are other options:

(Smith) "Sunflowers are a more of a laid back appeal. Orchards are unique and different and very high end. Also succulents are so trendy right now."

Choosing floral colors that reflect your lovers style is also a good way to show you're thinking about them and not so much the holiday:

(Smith) "If you know that the person really likes pink's or purple's, then stay within those shades. It doesn't always have to be red, even though red is the classic way to go."

But if you're not sure what to get, Smith says to stick with the red roses: 

(Smith) "They're definitely traditional. They're known as the symbol of love and beauty. They're what people are expecting."

And she advises to always present the flowers in a vase, not wrapped in paper.

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