The registration forms for summer camp are already rolling in. So should you sign them up?

FOX's Lisa Brady reports:

I know it's only February, but it's already time to sign your kids up for summer camp:

(Lozano) "It's a good concept to keep these kids out and about in the world."

Behavior therapist Rusty Lozano calls camp a healthy choice:

(Lozano) "The experiences that they're going to get, the activity, the comradery, the friendship, the social skills."

Today's social media kids don't have as much personal interaction:

(Lozano) "Growing up outside and playing a lot. You know we want to kind of get back to those basics. We know what it was like, we know what these kids are actually missing."

He says it's also a chance to develop autonomy, build confidence, and open doors:

(Lozano) "They might discover that they're pretty good at building Lego's or they're pretty good at electronics or they may discover they're actually pretty good at sports. It's eye opening."

But if they have to go camp, it can be a tough sell:

(Lozano) "Focus on the positive that they're going to get from it."

The fun and the chance to do new things and if possible, let the kids help choose the camp. Once they start, ask about their day and Lozano says campers who keep a journal might realize the benefits more.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.